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Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm still waiting,,,

distOrykan OlEh : nuyu_pErt at 1:24 AM
at dis mOmEnt i'm still waiting 4 him,,
n i hOpE sO hE will cOntact mE again,,

yaa it's nOt Easy 4 mE 2 fOrgEt sumOnE i lurvE,,
n it's nOt Easy 4 mE 2 fEEl likE dis,,,

but i can fEEl hE would nOt rEmEmbEr mE anymOrE,,,
yEs it's nOt Easy 2 trEating thE wOundEd hEart,,
i said hE can find sumOnE is bEttEr frOm mE,,,,
but in my dEEp hEart arE nOt willing 2 rElEasE him,

sumtimEs i think this kind Of stupid hEartlEss,,
but I was nOt ablE 2 avOid,,,
what shOuld i dO???
haizzz dis OwEyz makE mE think,,

p/s:to bE cOntinuEd with anOthEr stOry :)


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